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Community Foundation Jackson Hole to host NLG workshops

Back by popular demand March 12-14, the Community Foundation Jackson Hole will again be presenting two half-day workshops for the board and staff of nonprofit organizations.

The workshops, covering organizational sustainability, governance, and leadership skills, will be presented by John Heymann from NewLevel Group.

Time, location, and content of the sessions will be announced in early February. 

IRS Revoking Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Status

Close to 700 North Bay nonprofit organizations are in danger of losing their tax-exempt status for failing to file 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF. Many smaller organizations that previously were not required to file may not realize that they now must file a Form 990-N.

In fact, the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) has estimated that almost 300,000 small nonprofits nationwide had not yet completed the 990-N and were in jeopardy. In California alone, there are more than 35,000 nonprofits facing revocation of their tax-exempt status.

What Changed?

For decades, once an organization received its determination from the IRS as tax exempt, that status was final — it remained in effect unless revoked by the IRS.

To increase transparency and accountability for the nonprofit sector, the Pension Protection Act passed by Congress in 2006 contained a new requirement that almost all exempt organizations had to file information with the IRS annually, and the IRS is now required to revoke the tax exemption of any organization required to file that doesn’t do so for three consecutive years. Those revocations will affect not only the organizations that lose their exemptions but also the donors and funders that support them and the audiences that rely on their services.

What’s Next?

According to a report from GuideStar, the IRS is waiting until 2011 to send revocation letters. At that time, tax-exempt organizations that have not satisfied annual filing requirements for three consecutive years will automatically lose their tax-exempt status. However, the IRS is providing one-time relief for organizations that have filing due dates on or after May 17 and before October 15, 2010.

Recently, the IRS published a list of organizations at risk of revocation. Click here to see the Napa County organizations listed. Click here to see Sonoma County organizations listed.  The lists include organizations for which the IRS does not have a record of a required annual filing for 2007 and 2008, and whose 2009 return, due on or after May 17 and before October 15, 2010, has not yet been received.

What to Do If Your Organization is at Risk

If you see your organization on the list and its gross receipts are less than $25,000, an officer from the organization should file Form 990-N at .

If your organization’s revenues are $25,000 or greater, view the information on,,id=184445,00.html to determine whether your organization qualifies to file a Form 990-EZ.

If it does, follow the instructions on,,id=225704,00.html to participate in the Filing Relief Voluntary Compliance Program.

If your organization is required to file Form 990 or Form 990-PF and has missed the deadline for filing your 2009 return, you cannot participate in the Filing Relief Voluntary Compliance Program.

NewLevel Group supports the work of socially responsible organizations and their leaders in advancing missions that benefit people, planet, and profits. John Heymann can be reached at (707) 255-5555 x105 or

NewLevel Group helps launch the One World Futbol Project

Young Darfur refugees were engrossed in a makeshift game of soccer under the hot sun—with the "ball" a sphere made of trash tied up with twine and the "field" a patch of dirt and rocks with barbed wire for boundaries. Their game was captured on film by a CNN crew. Watching this footage at home, Tim Jahnigen, an inventor, song-writer, and music producer, imagined that these kids might have once had a regular soccer ball, which had worn out or been punctured by use in such a harsh setting—or perhaps the ball was deflated but the needle was lost or the pump broken. Tim was inspired to design a ball that played like a "real futbol," but would never wear out, never go flat, never need a pump. Such a ball could match the joy and determination of people to play “the beautiful game” of soccer—anywhere.

Tim's idea remained in the concept stage until a chance conversation with the entertainer Sting, with whom Tim produces a bi-annual concert at Carnegie Hall. Once Tim shared his vision of an indestructible soccer ball, Sting offered to donate money for R&D, and so the first "One World Futbol", now patent-pending, was born.

The One World Futbol can be played on any surface, anywhere—not just grass or regulation soccer fields. Unlike other soccer balls, the skin of the One World Futbol won't wear off no matter how abrasive the playing area. The ball requires no pump or needle and will never go flat even if punctured.

For decades, UNICEF, the U.N. Refugee Agency, as well as private nonprofit organizations working in war zones, refugee camps, and impoverished communities throughout the world, have observed children finding their own ways to play soccer with rag balls, cans, and rocks. The One World Futbol Project will assist the work of these organizations and brighten the lives of millions of children by distributing ultra-durable,all-terrain balls.

The company's "Buy One, Give One" promotion allows individuals to buy the ball, and for each ball purchased the company will donate a ball to needy children and young people around the world. The business also sells favorably-priced balls to governments, U.N. agencies, and nonprofit organizations that distribute free soccer balls to communities who can't afford them.

To learn more about the amazing "All-Terrain" ball, or to order one, go to

Oakland nonprofit, Urban Habitat, lauches strategy initiative

NewLevel Group’s John Heymann will assist Urban Habitat with their three-year planning process this summer and fall. Urban Habitat builds power in low-income communities and communities of color by combining education, advocacy, research and coalition-building to advance environmental, economic, and social justice in the Bay Area.

NCBA LiveWell Conference in Yountville

NewLevel Group was engaged by Edelman PR (Chicago) to facilitate a highly interactive roundtable discussion for nutrition professionals attending the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association conference “Live Well 2010: A Return to Real Food and Simple Pleasures.”

The conference, held at the Villagio Inn in Yountville, brought together some of the top health influencers and credentialed media from across the country to explore trends in food and nutrition and to hear from top researchers in the field.

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