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About Us
About us

Seeming to do is not doing - Thomas Edison

About Us

We absolutely love what we do and think that life is far too short for anyone not to love their work, their clients and their colleagues. NewLevel Group was formed with a desire to strengthen our community by helping nonprofits and businesses take the next step in their development -- whether the next step means launching something new, developing a board, or reorganizing for greater impact. The NewLevel Group team is made up of seasoned professionals who look at challenges from various perspectives honed from decades of experience in the business and nonprofit sectors. We plan as well as implement, never losing sight of our goal to deliver your desired results.

NewLevel Group is committed to conserving resources and protecting the environment. Everyone on our team is strongly encouraged to recycle and reduce waste, conserve electricity and water, and reduce carbon emissions by carpooling, telecommuting, or biking. In recognition of our conservation efforts, NewLevel Group was the first office user to be certified as a Green Business in Napa County, and the only business of any kind to be certified in the last ten years in the county.

Among the many congratulatory letters we received upon our certification, was this message from California State Senator Pat Wiggins:

“You have contributed tremendously to improving the welfare of our citizens and district by complying with eco-friendly regulations and standards to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and minimize waste. The environmentally conscious service of NewLevel has set a standard within the business community of our district that will forever be appreciated.”

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