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At NewLevel Group, we do much more than just plan – we help you achieve your desired results.


You are an extraordinary facilitator. Or a wizard. I’m not sure which. But somehow, you got our divergent Board to coalesce around some key issues and to admit to having fun while doing it! My inbox has been filled with great reviews on the day. Thank you for your flexibility, support, wisdom, and creativity. We were honored to work with you.

You are such a great sounding board, have great ideas, and always give such great advice. I can't believe how much I have learned about non-profits from you in the last couple of years and I know there is so much more. I'm getting there as long as I have someone to bounce ideas off--like you.

Thank you for leading a terrific strategic planning session today. You are very skilled at bringing out the best in teams, and you used just the right mix of facilitation, education, and feedback.

I think everyone learned a lot and went home feeling more inspired about our team and our organization's potential.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your wonderful organization and in dealing with you all on our organization’s weighty matters. Throughout our relationship, I continue to be impressed with you and your colleagues’ thoughtful and business-like approach to matters, all of your responsiveness and all of your willingness to take on tough matters. NewLevel Group's and your individual participation is marked by a highly professional manner, great skills, and, importantly good spirits and a non-confrontational approach to resolving issues. I thought that you were very effective in helping us try to resolve our problems and move ahead to meet our mission, particularly given who and what you had to work with --- and we had fun doing it.

John, you are a terrific guy and have a terrific group of highly skilled and qualified people at NewLevel.

The past few days have been a complete roller coaster and just knowing that you are out there gives me strength and pride. And then on top of it to have you both actually fighting for what this organization could be and for me individually, it is really is beyond what I could ever ask for.

Your input in our board development process has been invaluable.

I've been meaning to write to you after our board retreat earlier this month to tell you once again how impressed I was by the way you facilitated the meeting, especially in such challenging circumstances. I usually have little patience for such "navel gazing" gatherings, but I thought the retreat was well managed, productive, and enjoyable.

NewLevel Group assisted us with strategic planning that emboldened us to make changes that we knew we needed to make, but previously lacked a clear direction. After the planning, we felt we had the impetus to move forward. You’ve also helped the nonprofits we serve by delivering a variety of workshops from strategic planning to marketing and communications. The workshops are always standing-room only and we frequently have a wait list. We've received requests from many of the nonprofits for NewLevel to come back. We're NewLevel Group groupies now!

You have the best instincts for group dynamics and moving issues forward I have EVER seen, and your gentle guidance makes us tons better. We are being quite honest when we say that we would be light years behind in our efforts and initiatives if we were navigating this new organization’s development without you and the team here at NLG.

As a former high-level Federal Manager, I have suffered at the hands of more organizational development consultants than I would care to recall -- often imposed by "upper management" as a last-ditch attempt to unravel issues they had too long ignored. Your native ability and your skills as a great teacher allow you to engage broad and diverse audiences in very effective ways.

I believe that you have special powers when it comes to straightening out organizations and making them effective in pursuing worthwhile goals. And that includes your excellent system of back office support, which is vital to helping fledgling groups put their priorities in the right order and establish their performance.

Your facilitation and expertise in working with boards, as well as your familiarity with us and our history, has continued to be of great value. Many thanks for all you continue to bring to our work.

I wanted to say what a great presentation you gave yesterday, and I was furiously taking notes. I have been to Hewlett Packard efficiency training, strategic plan training, and several others. Yours was concise and well done!

Six years ago, John Heymann and others from the NewLevel Group began working with the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and we were proud to introduce them to other local nonprofits by offering professional development opportunities. By providing excellent workshops addressing topics concerning organizational sustainability, whether it be volunteer management, marketing, or fundraising, John is now widely regarded as the arbiter of best practices for nonprofits. As soon as he steps off the plane in Jackson, John’s time is devoured by local agencies hungry to meet with him one on one for reasons ranging from organizational development to culture shifts. We rely on John for long-term strategic advice and value his perspective on more immediate governance issues whenever they arise. He facilitated strategic planning for our Board several years ago, and we are engaging him for our next session as well. When I’ve had the forethought to seek John’s counsel, I’ve been rewarded with outcomes that make me appear to be a much smarter and more sensitive administrator than I actually am. If I were really that smart, I would never make a move without asking him first.

Thank you for an invaluable workshop. I have done quite a bit of board work, fancy myself knowledgeable about the work of boards, but the tools you provided will ensure I do a much better job leading the board than I otherwise would have. I have always invented these tools, and hands-down, yours are much, much better than what I have come up with.

We have continued to grow and thrive with NLG's high standard of help and service.

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