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It's no longer about dollars raised, or percentages of money that go to the cause.  It's about effectiveness and results…Robert Egger, president and founder of D.C. Central Kitchen

Nonprofit Consulting

“NewLevel Group’s comprehensive plan to revitalize our organization led to the complete rebirth of the Arts Council of Napa Valley.”

The nonprofit sector has grown into an $800 billion industry - more than the GNP of Australia, Russia, or all Arab nations combined. It represents nearly 10% of our nation's economy and employs 11 million people. The challenge today is for nonprofits to move beyond the model of 19th-century charitable practices to a results-oriented business approach.

NewLevel Group brings the necessary business experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the nonprofit world, to help organizations build capacity and ensure sustainability. We can help you take the next step by providing the following services including:

  • Nonprofit Management to provide you with an executive director and the staff necessary to keep your organization running smoothly. We assume the payroll and management responsibilities, and you watch your organization succeed.
  • Board and Executive Director Development to help you develop an effective board that will keep your organization moving in the right direction, as well as help your executive director build his or her skills.
  • Strategic Planning to help you build a strong organization and culture for success. We work with you to articulate a clear vision and develop strategies to achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Creation of Board Guidelines, Position Descriptions, and Recruiting Policies, so you can develop an effective, successful board.
  • Marketing & Communications Development and Implementation that sends a vibrant message to your target audience, builds public awareness, and increases donations.
  • Fundraising: to help you meet your financial goals while remaining focused on your mission and programs.
  • Improved Recordkeeping and Reporting Systems to help you better understand the financial position of your organization.

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