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June 2024

Pick Your Passion with ArtistWorks!

ArtistWorks, based in Napa CA, provides a unique learning experience in the arts. Want to learn to play the guitar or flute? Want to learn how to paint? Need vocal instruction? Dying to DJ? All these and more are available to you in your home and at your own pace. ArtistWorks provides unique video exchange learning with personal feedback from noted teachers and performers in each field. Now offering a discount for a year's subscription!

Toniic - 100% Impact Investing

Toniic_logo Toniic: 100% Impact

Toniic, a valued NLG client, recently completed a conference in New York; Toniic 100% Impact Annual Global Gathering.

Toniic is a global peer-to-peer network of asset owners who have intentionally committed 100% of their assets to positive social and/or environmental impact. The members of Toniic are a growing community of high net worth individuals, family office principals and foundation principals who receive input and support from the Toniic executive team and Executive Committee to make investments that are aligned with their individual strategies for social impact. NLG is honored to support Toniic in this arena. Read more about them at

NewLevel Group Re-Certified as Green Business

Green_business_logoIn 2007, NewLevel Group became the first office in Napa County to be certified as a Green Business by Napa County, under a program developed by the Association of Bay Area Governments. NLG has continued their commitment to the environment and was recently certified for the third time as a Bay Area Green Business.

The program recognizes companies that maintain exceptional pollution prevention and conservation of resources, as well as meeting environmental compliance standards.

For more information about becoming a certified Green Business, go to

Redefine Success in Business


B stands for Benefit. A B Corporation is a new type of company that combines social and environmental impact missions driven by sound financial decisions and profit. B Corps attract and engage employees with passion and purpose, impact legislation, contribute to communities, and partner with other B Corps. Companies interested in B Corp certification are urged to visit to learn more.

All Girls Can Play

RecycleForce: After Life in Prison

RecycleForce, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides a pathway for formerly incarcerated men and women to successfully re-integrate into the workforce and become responsible, taxpaying, productive community member through transitional job placement in comprehensive, environmentally sound and secure end-of-life electronics processing. 

US attorneys from all over the country recently visited RecycleForce to learn more about how the company is reducing the return to prison rate through training and jobs. RecycleForce employees talked with members of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee to give them a first person perspective.

Charles Oberly, US Attorney for the District of Deleware, said, "Your enthusiasm and commitment to establishing an effective reentry program was inspirational. Hearing the comments of your employees, who I suspect had little hope of ever being self-sufficient and proud of themselves, left an indelible impression. Programs like yours are our most promising avenues if we ever hope to break the cycle of arrest - incarceration- release and re-arrest. I commend you and your employees."

NewLevel Group is proud to provide strategic and financial management support to RecycleForce.

What do Sting and Soccer Have in Common?

In late 2006, inventor Tim Jahnigen was watching a documentary about refugees from Darfur. Viewing footage of children playing a game of “football” on a rocky field with a makeshift ball they’d fashioned from plastic bags, trash, and twine, it dawned on him that he could produce a nearly indestructible football by using the material in a pair of shoes he was wearing—shoes that later came to be marketed as Crocs.

The idea for a nearly indestructible ball stayed with Tim for two years but remained unattainable because he lacked the funds to create a prototype. Then, in a chance conversation with his friend, world-renown entertainer Sting, came the breakthrough. When their talk turned to Tim’s idea for a new football, Sting volunteered to put up the necessary funds for research and development, and the One World Futbol™ was born.

Today, One World Futbol Project makes, sells and distributes the One World Futbol, a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat—even when punctured. The company’s mission is to make a meaningful impact by bringing the joy of soccer and play to youth around the world through the One World Futbol. Working with corporate sponsors, partners, organizations and consumers worldwide, One World Futbol Project distributes One World Futbols to disadvantaged communities, where play can be used to teach life skills and foster social change.

In just three short years since the project was officially launched, the One World Futbol™ has reached more than 160 countries through hundreds of organizations bringing the healing power of play to an estimated 21 million youth worldwide.

NewLevel Group proudly provides strategy, financial management, administrative, fulfillment, and customer support services to the One World Futbol Project.

Baby Buggy “Love. Recycled.”

Founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld, Baby Buggy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing families in need across the U.S. with essentials for their children aged 0-12. Baby Buggy helps put useful tools into the hands of needing families such as cribs, strollers, and playpens. Now with 2 main locations in Los Angeles and New York, Baby Buggy continues to provide the love and care to those who otherwise would go without. Each month, Baby Buggy serves approximately 2,000 families and 2,600 children in the following 6 cities; Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and Washington, DC. To find out more on how you can help, click here.

Mal Warwick Announces the revised Third Edition to his book to Write Successful Fundraising Letters

All 50,000 copies sold of my best-selling book, How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters, are now out of date with the publication of the totally revised Third Edition.

If you’re involved in fundraising, or you know someone who is, you can order the new edition at 30% off through an exclusive pre-publication discount I arranged with my publisher, Wiley.

Click here to order your copy now. Wiley will ship it to you on or about June 17, the day the book becomes available online and in bookstores.

Here’s how to get that 30% off: First, click here. After you enter your shipping information and create a password, you come to a screen that says Promotion Code at the top. You enter the code WARW3 in the box on the right-hand side of that page and hit Apply to take 30% off the total.

In preparing the Third Edition, I reviewed every word and every illustration to be certain they’re still relevant today, and I worked with my colleague, Eric Overman of Donordigital, to be sure I included the very latest in digital communications as well as print. So How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals, Third Edition isn’t just about direct mail. It covers e-mail, the Internet, social media, mobile fundraising, and all the other new fundraising channels that have emerged during the past two decades, when I wrote the book’s first edition.

Today, success in fundraising doesn’t rest on direct mail, e-mail, or any other single technique. Integrated fundraising is the name of the game now, and my new book explains exactly how you can take advantage of this revolutionary new approach—and get the very best fundraising results for your organization.

This amazing offer is good only until the book reaches bookstores on June 17. Why do I call it amazing? Because has discounted the book only 11%—just one-third as much.

Click here to order your copy now and get ready for the new key to fundraising success: integrated fundraising.

Or, if you want to receive a deep discount on a large quantity of copies, please contact Rick Skewes at Tell him I sent you!

Thanks for listening.


Mal Warwick

Chevrolet Celebrates Future of Football Through Partnership with One World Futbol Project

Chevrolet announced today a three-year partnership with the One World Futbol Project, an award-winning B-Corporation and creators of the One World Futbol that will result in 1.5 million virtually indestructible footballs being donated to youth in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other disadvantaged communities around the world.

Chevrolet’s pledge will be executed through a global network of organizations dedicated to helping empower the next generation of footballers.

“The One World Futbol Project celebrates a primary value that is very close to Chevrolet, that football can touch lives and bring positive change throughout the world,” said General Motors Global Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick. “We’re excited to support the One World Futbol Project’s mission to rally millions throughout the world to join in this effort and create a global movement for the good of the game and people who are passionate about it.”

Chevrolet becomes the founding sponsor of the organization, which was established in 2010 due in part to support from world-renowned musician Sting. Chevrolet’s support is part of a companywide global football initiative that includes sponsorship of Barclays Premier League giants Manchester United.

“In Chevrolet we have a partner that has shown a passion and true appreciation of football’s power to effect positive change,” said Manchester United’s Chief Executive and Chairman of the Manchester United Foundation, David Gill. “Inspiring young people through education and activity stands at the heart of our Manchester United Foundation and we wholeheartedly endorse Chevrolet’s initiative with the One World Futbol Project.”

Since its inception, the One World Futbol Project has positively affected more than 525,000 lives in 137 countries through more than 138 organizations – including schools, orphanages, and nonprofits – which use sport to resolve conflicts, teach tolerance, and build communities. The company is also an affiliate member of streetfootballnetwork, which connects 94 football-for-social change non-profits in 61 countries.

One World Futbol inventor Tim Jahnigen, also an accomplished lyricist, was inspired to start the project after watching CNN footage of kids in Darfur playing a football game using a ball of trash tied up with twine. Jahnigen decided to create a ball that would play like a real football but would not be destroyed by the harsh conditions often facing footballers in some parts of the world.

“Our mission at the One World Futbol Project is to make a meaningful impact by bringing the joy of football and play to youth around the world so that children can be children no matter where they live,” said Jahnigen, co-founder and chief innovation officer at the One World Futbol Project. “Chevrolet is an ideal partner who shares our belief that football can not only bring people together through the excitement of the game, but can also help heal and rebuild communities impacted by war, disasters and poverty. Through this partnership, we can truly influence millions more lives with the simple power of a durable ball.”

The One World Futbol Project and ball were inspired by Sting’s song “One World (Not Three).” The development of the ball required 11 months of prototyping and field testing in Africa, Haiti, Iraq and elsewhere. The One World Futbol Project works with organizations and companies all around the world who purchase, sponsor and/or distribute the One World Futbol where it can support lasting play.

Individuals can also purchase a One World Futbol through a “Buy One Give One” program on the One World Futbol Project website, The purchase of a ball triggers the donation of another ball to organizations working in disadvantaged communities around the world, such as Coaches Across Continents, GOALS Haiti, Right to Play International and Save the Children among others. Those wishing to make donations only or purchase balls for their organization can also do so through the Project website.

A One World Futbol can outlast and outplay hundreds of regular balls, sustaining play in any environment. The ball never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured multiple times. The One World Futbol can withstand years of use on all types of terrain such as concrete, blacktops, dirt, rocky field or grass and endure harsh conditions without deflating.

While designed to have the same size, weight and rebound characteristics of a traditional inflated football, the One World Futbol requires no stitching. The material used to make the ball is inert (non-toxic, doesn’t leach) and is extremely rugged. The durability of the One World Futbol helps meet a significant global environmental chal­lenge by eliminating the waste of discard­ed, punctured soccer balls.

On behalf of this partnership, One World Futbol founder, Tim Jahnigen and Sting appear together in a PSA produced by, which will be distributed globally and prominently featured in the Sting 25 iPad App. Please visit to join Chevrolet’s efforts and donate a One World Futbol to an area of the world that is in need.

For more information about the One World Futbol Project, visit Follow them on Facebook, and Twitter,

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