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Rolled up sleves

A Culture of Learning

What keeps good employees engaged? Appropriate compensation and benefits are important, of course, but after a while the latest increase in compensation simply becomes the base.

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Videoconferencing: The Solution to Long-Distance Sales Meetings

As a tool for resource-tapped wineries, videoconferencing provides a way for small wineries to stay in communication with wholesalers while avoiding the time and financial costs associated with traveling.

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Grape Cluster

Learn How to Help Wholesalers Sell More Wine

Drs. Liz Thach and Janeen Olsen of Sonoma State's Wine Business Program surveyed 500 distributors to find out why they choose wine, how wineries can help distributors sell more wine, and what the greatest challenges are for distributors. Join us for the "Becoming a Wholesale Success" conference and receive a complementary copy of the survey results.

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