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March, 2007
Vision. It is what distinguishes a thriving organization from one that just gets by or struggles to survive. Although most nonprofits and businesses set out with a clear vision, it often becomes blurred over time with leadership changes, growth, employee turnover, and, more often than not, benign neglect.

When was the last time your team reviewed its vision and mission statements? Can everyone in your organization articulate the vision in 20 seconds or less – the so-called elevator pitch? Do your clients understand why your organization exists and what difference it makes? If you answered no to any of these questions, now is the time to dust off your vision statement, convene your team, and bring your message into focus.

The NewLevel Group Team

In this issue:


Inspirational vs. Aspirational: The Difference between Vision and Mission

Confused about the difference between vision and mission statements? You’re not alone! The difference is a subtle but important distinction.

To learn more, read John Heymann’s "Definitions of Vision & Mission Statements".


Developing Effective Communications and Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Join us for the second in a series of sustainability workshops for nonprofits. In this workshop, executive directors and their board members will be given the tools to develop a clear message, deliver it to the right audience, and better position their organization for the long-term.

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Going Up?

Bill Peatman shares his “Three Key Tips” for crafting the perfect elevator pitch. With concrete examples and cost-effective strategies, you too can capture a prospective client’s or donor’s attention in 20 seconds or less.




The results of NewLevel Group’s survey of 650 nonprofits from Sonoma, Napa, Solano, and Marin are in! We asked executive directors what impact wine donations made to their fundraising efforts, and if they thought wineries should be allowed to pour wine at charitable events without a special permit. The verdict? Of the 73 agencies responding to the survey, 94% said that winery donations were either somewhat or very important to their fundraising efforts. And, an impressive 90% said that wineries should be allowed to pour wine at charitable events without a special permit.

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