NewLevel Group

August, 2006

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

­ ­ Chinese proverb
Tackling a big challenge by taking a series of small steps is often the best approach. We all get overwhelmed at times when faced with seemingly unsolvable situations. The key is to map out a plan, assign do-able tasks, and persist, persist, persist. Before you know it, your mountain might be a mole hill.

The NewLevel Group Team

In this issue:

NewLevel Expands its Marketing Resources

Liz Cassanos brings her considerable expertise in strategic communications and presentation coaching to NewLevel Group. Working with clients ranging from Sara Lee Corporation, Monsanto, Aetna Healthcare, Kemper Corporation, and Paterno Wines, to small start-ups and foundations, Liz has developed breakthrough sports sponsorship and corporate positioning programs, media-trained top executives, and directed highly visible issue management campaigns.



Survey Yields Insights into Issues Facing Napa County Nonprofits

We surveyed 230 nonprofit leaders in Napa County in June to find out what their most pressing issues are, what services they most need to help meet their challenges, and how to best deliver those services. Top on the respondents’ list of what they needed to make their organizations more effective was future leadership development. More results are highlighted in NewLevel Group’s Research Report.


NewLevel Group Helps Food Service Leaders Add Spice to Their Conferences

Three leaders in the hospitality and food service industries – Nation’s Restaurant News, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Hormel Foods – recently hired NewLevel Group to design and facilitate creative brainstorming sessions for chefs, culinary professionals, health influencers, and media.