NewLevel Group

February, 2006

Call it originality, imagination, or inspiration — creativity is that elusive but oh-so-necessary ingredient that every organization needs in order to rise above the pack. If you think that creativity is only for the artistically inclined, think again. Just like any skill, creativity can be cultivated in the right environment and with a little practice. We hope the pieces in this month’s newsletter will fan your creative spark!

The NewLevel Group Team

In this issue:

Grape Cluster

5 Tips to Boosting Workplace Creativity

Who hasn’t had to endure a boring and unproductive meeting? If your doodling has been elevated to a fine art form, it’s time to inject a little creative energy into your next gathering. Carrie Hays, an accomplished trainer, management consultant, and meeting facilitator, shares her suggestions on how to shake-up meetings and other daily activities.

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Rolled up sleves

The Fountain of Youth

Still looking for that magic elixir that will slow the aging process and keep your brain young? Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have found that brain function improves by reading, taking courses, even doing puzzles. Try your hand at solving this brain teaser and see if you don’t feel younger! (Sorry…we can’t make any guarantees about the puzzle’s anti-aging benefits.)

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Priming the Pump: How Three Organizations Encourage New Thinking

Michelle Williams, NewLevel Group Project Manager and the Executive Director of Arts Council Napa Valley, describes how three organizations incubate new ideas. Read how Yoda, shoe shopping, and pin-ups can all prime the creative pump.

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