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Grape Cluster

Itís Hard to Believe

...that over a year has flown by since NewLevel Group was founded. Since opening the doors in May of 2004, our fledgling company has doubled in size. It has been tremendously rewarding working with so many organizations - businesses and nonprofits alike - to help them achieve results and strengthen the community. You can find a sampling of some of our projects on our website under "Case Studies".

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Getting Your Board On-Board

One of the great things about nonprofit boards is the passion they bring to their volunteerism. But passion alone is not enough to develop, plan, and provide the leadership necessary to have an effective, high-functioning organization. John Heymann and Michelle Williams share valuable insights on how successful boards function in the article, "Getting Your Board On-Board".

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Rolled up sleves

Top 10 Winery Do's

At NewLevel Group's "Becoming a Wholesale Success" conference in February, audience members were asked to raise their hands if they were satisfied with their wholesalers' results. Not a single hand was raised. For tips on what winery sales managers can do to improve their relationships with their distributors, read this reprint of Michelle Rowellís article "Ten Do's to Increase Sales" from the May/June issue of Practical Winery & Vineyard magazine.

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